Florida Area Weddings

You probably already know that Florida is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, but did you know that Florida is also one of the world's most popular wedding and honeymoon destinations?

With a menagerie of things to do, cities like Orlando, serve as an unforgettable setting for a dream wedding. Orlando is also the perfect destination for honeymoons with plenty of romantic hotels, relaxing spas and fine dining options

For those who dream of a romantic outdoor wedding, Florida is also the perfect choice. With its endless sunshine, warm weather and miles of beautiful coastline.

Our climate allows for an outdoor ceremony and reception virtually any time of year. For many couples, this is the best reason to plan a wedding here. Florida's dependably sunny weather greatly increases the chances of an outdoor wedding's success.

So imagine dipping your toes in the water while proclaiming your vows barefoot in sugar-white sand, with palm trees swaying and waves rolling nearby.

But why stop there? Some brides and grooms come to Florida to pledge their eternal love while scuba diving off the Pam Beach coast or while riding the Ferris wheel or a rollercoaster at one of our many theme parks in Orlando. The opportunities are endless to make your wedding truly personalized and memorable.

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