Sea Life Aquarium: An Experience Under the Water!

Located in the heart of Orlando on I-Drive.

FLORIDA 360 ° TUNNEL: Explore everything under our ocean without even getting wet! Observe how fish, sharks, turtles and eels swim above, below and around you.
  • DIVING: Meet Scuba Steve and our other wonderful divers who will delve into the habitats during our daily dive shows and teach you everything about our creatures, diving and much more!
  • TED - OUR SEA TURTLE: Swim in the Indian Ocean exhibit and meet Ted, the turtle that helped develop the Turtle Exclusive Device (also known as TED).
  • EXHIBITION OF COLORFUL JELLYFISH: Everyone in the family will love the different colors of the jellyfish habitat and enjoy an incredible opportunity to take pictures.
  • BEHIND SCENES: Have you ever wondered how an aquarium works? This is your opportunity to learn the fish snacks, greet the divers and see the ocean from a new perspective!

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